Charity Fashion Shows & Events

With additional portable lighting, I will shoot the event plus fashion show runway and shoot images of persons of importance: Sponsors, Staff etc.
I do have the equipment to print, on-location at time of event, 4x6 prints.
The 1st 100 (4x6) prints are FREE to show participants and persons of importance. Beyond this 100 print, images will be available for purchase by audience and all interested at reasonable prices via a ©PayPal enabled gallery.
The URL of this gallery to be provided as soon as gallery is uploaded.
A CD or DVD, depending on size requirement, will be available within 1 week containing all images after minor editing ( removing test and random ) images to the event coordinator or whomever may be assigned to distribute.
Digital Images prepared for all but principals will include a watermark, prints will not.
Negotiable: Prices for online ordered prints are reasonable to cover costs. I may donate a portion of sales proceeds to the cause of the event.
I may provide a promotional coupon for a reduced, or free 30 minute photoshoot for inclusion in presentation packages to the show participants. Photoshoot locations are all outside at various venus in the Dallas area.